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YOU make a Difference
  -  Ways to Donate

Let us continue to give faithfully so the work of Hokuloa, which is to be like Jesus on the Big Island, goes on!

PayPal Options include your bank and credit card options 
Hokuloa UCC in Pua
ko's PAYPAL address is:

    (a) Via PayPal's Giving Fund for General Operations with No Fees

    (b) Via PayPal to designate your donation and include a memor to set up a recurring donation

Credit Cards accepted in person via Square. 

ZELLE  Your bank or credit union may offer Zelle as a payment option. Hokuloa UCC in Puako's ZELLE address is:   Please include your name and email in the memo.   

Year-round Support  On going commitments smooth seasonal changes in cash flow.  Many banks offer an online and a recurring payment option with no fees.

Matching Gifts  Perhaps your Employer matches gifts to Nonprofits.

Mail a Gift  Checks, gift certificates, stamps are always welcome. Our mailing address is:
Hokuloa UCC   PO Box 384239  Waikoloa HI  96738

Share your Legacy  Consider the Church with IRA Distributions, Gifts of Appreciated Stock, or Designating the Church in your Retirement Account, Will or Estate. Hokuloa United Church of Christ's TIN is: 99-0349152. Please leave a message with the church office at 808-883-8295 or email the church and a Treasurer can assist with your gifting. 

Volunteer  Trim kiawe from the ocean view land, pull weeds, set up chairs for outside worship, bring flower arrangements, toilet paper, paper towels, and more. Let us know your availability and your interests.   

Mahalo for making a difference at "Your Church by the Ocean" 

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Please Consider Tax Free Gifts to Hokuloa from Your Retirement Fund

Consider tax-advantaged charitable donations. Many retired people are required to take a minimum amount out of our retirement plans. Taxing authorities, both federal and state, want to make sure that some amount of money “sheltered” in tax deferred IRA Savings accounts is taken into income in the current year – and TAXED! The IRS has many rules regarding MINIMUM REQUIRED DISTRIBUTIONS (MRDs). 
How to minimize this problem:  The IRS allows Gifts and Donations to Charities such as Hokuloa UCC to qualify for these Minimum Distributions, while NOT being subjected to Income Taxes (in other words – Tax Free!). 
If you are fortunate to have a IRA and are more than 70½ years old – please  consider a Qualified Charitable Distribution(QCD) to Hokuloa UCC. You can give for any specific purpose like the new Church Signs or for unrestricted general use.The donation to Hokuloa should be made directly by the IRA plan sponsor (your Bank, Brokerage or other organization) and sent directly to the Church before the end of the year. Know that the amount of the QCD counts towards your MRD, but is not taxed. It will be up to you to let the IRS know about the contribution by including certain information on your tax return. To help navigate the rules on these donations, contact your plan advisor. If you’d like to discuss this with Malcolm Greenlees or Yvonne Leiser, please contact the church at We will be glad to help you and help the Church with donation options.

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