May 2020 Letter -
COVID's Impact on Hawaii and Hokuloa UCC 

March 2020  Newsletter- During these next few weeks, let us empty and refill, trusting that God will offer us more grace than we can hold.
October 2019 Newsletter - Open and Affirming (ONA)
May 2019 Newsletter - Hokuloa is everyone who considers Hokuloa their spiritual home. It’s the folks who live here year-round, working tirelessly every week for the betterment of the church. And it’s also the folks who live here a few months out of the year, those who visit when they can, and those who may never be able to return to the Big Island.
February 2019 Newsletter - “Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. For behold, I purpose to do a new thing (Isa.43:18).”

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"People will reside again in God's shade; they will plant and harvest grain in abundance. They will blossom like a vine, and God's fame will be like the wine from Lebanon." Hosea 14:7

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