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Vacation Bible School 2023

“MAHALO PIHA!” (Thank you with deep gratitude) to our “awesome team of Super Heroes” who poured their energies, who went all out, into planning, teaching, interacting and guiding each Hero to form Godʻs community of Heroes at Hokuloa!  WELL DONE, SUPER HEROES!

Keiki were called together to serve God as a team.  They explored how to work as a team to strive for the things that bring peace and the things that build each other up. Their exploration took them to the research departments of Bible stories, science projects, crafts, music and recreation. They met Heroes of the Bible during their Bible sessions.  They listened carefully to the stories, reflected on how God called each Hero, observed and applied how they could work together to be Heroes and recognized how each of them were graced to be Heroes for Godʻs community.

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