We miss the companionship and fellowship of weekly worship services at the chapel

Worship Services are via Zoom at 9am HST - please message us for the Zoom link


Blessings and Prayers
for your safety and health

Reflections from Pastor Jeff (Hokuloa Interim Pastor)

I want to help build-up the church, the body of Christ, to fully live into the ministries that we are created for. This passion led me to write a book to help Christians who feel inadequate for faith sharing to have faith conversations out of their unique giftedness.
As I work with you over the next several months, I hope we can answer this question,
“When you reflect on all the spiritual gifts and talents that God has placed within this church, what might this reveal concerning God’s desires or vision for this congregation?"

Sunday Services

Mahalo to Rev. Eric Paul and Rev.  Jeff Glass for their leadership in providing us with Worship Services. 

And a Mahalo to Jack Olsen for his efforts in filming and editing the Worship Services!

Being able to re-watch Sunday's Services is a blessing as it allow us to contemplate the message more deeply and more prayerfully.







February 21, 2021 Rev. Jeff Glass

Jan 3, 2021        Epiphany Sunday, Rev. Eric Paul

Sermons in January and the first half of February were provided by Rev. Eric Paul. 

Text of Martin Luther King weekend sermon - The Woman at the Well explaining how and why the Jews and Samaritans came to view the other as an enemy and the process of creating enemies. Mahalo Rev. Paul for sharing this with us.

And Mahalo for bringing the Good News of the Lord to us.

"People will reside again in God's shade; they will plant and harvest grain in abundance. They will blossom like a vine, and God's fame will be like the wine from Lebanon." Hosea 14:7

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