Waikoloa Marshallese Ministry has a  New Home

The Waikoloa Marshallese Ministry is the newest UCC-affiliated congregation on the Big Island. On Saturday, May 7, the congregation dedicated their new home in Pu'uanahulu. You may recognize the small red church located on Mamalahoa Highway between Waimea and Kailua Kona. This Hawai‘i Conference Foundation owned property is again being used by a UCC congregation. The Rev. Linda Petrucelli was among the Hawaii Conference UCC representatives present at the dedication. 
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Write On

Leonardo da Vinci. Marie Curie. Anne Frank. Mark Twain. Charles Darwin. Can you guess what they all have in common?


All of them kept a journal.


The desire to document our lives is as old as handwriting itself. What we consider the modern diary, though, can be traced to fifteenth-century Italy where journals were used for accounting. Gradually, the focus shifted away from recording public life to reflecting the private one of the writer. 


Personal journals assume a variety of forms. Leonardo da Vinci filled 5,000 pages with ideas for inventions and sometimes wrote in secret code. Anne Frank described her life in hiding while coming of age. Charles Darwin kept meticulous notes of his travels and scientific observations. There is no right or wrong way to keep a journal. All you need is a notebook and a pen. Journals can imitate scrapbooks, and include found objects, drawings, or memorabilia. Journals can also record daily observations, prayers, dreams. People sometimes ask, What should I write about? Here are a few classic prompts to help anyone who needs a nudge.


Today I am…


I remember…


I believe…


I’m including a link to one of my recently published essays that got its start with a year 2000 journal entry! It was published on Opening Day by The Twin Bill, a literary magazine dedicated to all things baseball. It’s called, Collector’s Item and features one of my husband Gary’s baseball drawings. 


Linda Petrucelli,
Hokuloa Writer in Residence

May, 2022